Holidays 2015

With the holidays upon us, let us not neglect those who are in need.  Our Heavenly Father has placed us on this earth to care for one another.  So, this season, pray that your eyes will be opened to the needs of others. Merry Christmas!

November 10, 2014: Do you ever feel that our Heavenly Father wanted you to be in a certain place for a reason? That is how we felt about our concert in Portland. We had so many obstacles getting in the way to even going. In the previous few weeks, our truck had broken down so many times that it seemed almost impossible that we would be able to go. But, as with all divine intervention, we had people help us to resolve our truck issues without taking it to FORD. One individual even came up to our mountain to to do a repair. It was amazing! We made it to the concert without a breakdown, and we made it home. What made the concert special was those in attendance. So many said that a certain song met them where they were at that moment in life. Praise God! We will come to Lents again in the spring, so till next time, we will continue to pray for the needs of those that shared with us! Thank you for the wonderful hospitality!


As we work on new compositions, we are creating a video of our some of our latest music, so stay tuned!