Disabilities or Assets

It struck me the other day, that life brings its challenges, but it is how we attack those challenges that determines our life's outcome.  Do we consider the loss of a previous ability to be the death of us, or do we continue to strive to recreate or reinvent ourselves?  By this, I do not mean that we necessarily change who we are inside, but that we seek new avenues to enjoy what we love to do.  I believe that attitude has a lot to do with our well being.

I will have to admit that I went through a period of deep depression when I lost a portion of my finger.  At first, I thought I would never play the guitar again.  But through determination that came from two sources--one was deep inside of me--that burning desire to express myself musically, and, the other, from outside of me.  It was a strength that I believe came from God.

For some time, I was overwhelmed with defeat.  But, it was through monotonous repetition and experimentation that I began to slowly see progress.  The small increments of progress became rewards that pushed me onward.  Today, I can play the guitar better that I did before my accident.

My hope is that anyone experiencing what seems like impossible odds will not accept defeat, but continue to move forward!

Accept the initial defeat as a challenge to continue to move forward. Relish progress, however small, as a call to greater heights!