Has music helped someone you know to ease pain, whether emotional or physical?

Through out our musical lives, we have always believed in the power of music  to affect lives, whether for good or not so good.  Music can open the heart to a message of peace, love, joy, or sorrow.  It can also be used to bring the listener to an awareness of the needs of the world, and the personal needs of the listener.  Tell us how music has helped you in your life.

In creating musical compositions, we have always kept this powerful effect of music in mind.  "Away from Rush Hour is actually a form of music therapy as it takes listeners on a journey.  We are anticipating that we will very soon have mastered this work.  We are going to be asking National Public Radio for the opportunity to share this musical creation with radio listening audiences across the nation.

Stay tuned for a single release from Away from Rush Hour!

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