Reaching Out Through Music To Make A Difference

It is with a heavy heart that we look at the atrocities occurring in the world.  We are praying for families who suffered such personal loses in Colorado.  How can we make a difference--a difference that will be for better in this world?  Is there a way to prevent more of these insane attacks.  We believe so.  Love is the core need of every human being.  Are there people in our little sphere of the world that seem to be friendless?  Are there those who appear reclusive?  Can we give them the seed of love that will heal the scars on their hearts?  An act of kindness, a word of hope?  Genuine repeated attempts to break through the barriers that have been built up by repeated rejection?  This week let us all pray that we are connecting with those that are close to us.  Let us show them that we care--that God loves them and we love them.

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