Does a title make a person or break him?

The other day, I was reminded of how status-oriented our world is.  To be truly great, some think you must have a world record,  a hit song, lots of money, or a pedigree that comes with a monetary value.  What makes a person who they are?  Is a symbol of greatness necessary to make a person valuable?  I think not.  Every person has worth. Do I need to have a number one hit to be valuable.  My wife will tell you, "No!"  Regardless of what someone else may think, Lynn finds me to be her all in all.   When someone tells me that they were blessed by my music, that is all I need to feel I have helped someone.  Today, I was jamming on my guitar, Lynn told me, "I really like that."  Was the piece perfect? No!  It did come from my heart.  I do not need a medal to tell me that someone was blessed.  That is what music is all about--giving auditory fulfillment to others,including myself, and God! 

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