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"David-- Love 'Away from the Rush Hour.' Wonderful mix of genres, cord progressions and tonality. I especially like "Away from the Rush Hour". It reminds me a lot of Leo Kottke. The native flute piece is wonderful and "Sunrise with You" is reminiscent of the piano of George Winston.
Keep on making music!"
Dave Weber

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Jango Airplay , August 19, 2012

Regarding "Sheer Bliss," our single release:

this is acoustic at its best

Rick McMillen's Review of Away from Rush Hour

What did Rick McMillen think of Away from Rush Hour?  He said,"It is a work of art. The music is beautiful. I don't get the privilege of mastering this quality of music very often.  David, you are a fabulous musician, composer and audio engineer. This music will change the world. I'm not just saying this.  I am saying it because it's true."

*For those of you who don't know, Rick has mastered music for smooth jazz king, Kenny G (platinum), renowned Portland, Oregon pianist, Michael Allen Harrison, Michael W. Smith, and other well known musicians. 


Leavenworth Echo

Last Sunday after worship, I thanked David Shearer, a local writer/composer of Christian music for the beautiful contemplative music he had shared with us. In responding, David reflected on how important it was for him to express his faith in art that does not require "words" or conversation.

His response brought me back to a four-day Youth Retreat of late April. Our purpose was to study the unique interrelationship between art and faith and how that has impacted our lives and spirituality today. We began our visit to the Grunewald Guild in Plain where Richard Caemmerer took us on a visual history of art as found in Chartres Cathedral, France, then to Seattle to tour and speak with folks from a Greek Orthodox Church, St Ignatius Chapel on the Seattle U. campus, Temple de Hirsch/Sinai, the special African art exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, and finally St. Mark's Cathedral for worship and to observe the Guyoto Monks of Nepal consecrate sacred space for a mandala sand painting. We were profoundly touched and our "eyes" were opened (again?) to quite a different and at times more heartfelt expression of faith.

In this day and age of technology where not only life, but faith as well, can become "digitalized," those retreat days of being embraced by soulful expressions of the heart were most healing and nurturing. How enriching it was to let the art-full portrayals of faith remind us of the creativity, devotion and commitment of today's faithful artisans and those of centuries ago. And it was also most enlightening to experience such depictions of devotion from other faiths. How much there is to learn and absorb!

I bring to you one of the questions that arose as the youth shared of their experiences in worship two Sundays ago: How has our life and faith been nurtured by art? Or has it? In a world that too often gets stuck on dogma and doctrines that too often polarize or attempt to exclude or denigrate, how have we allowed the spirit to work restoration in us without the use of "words?" When we have been quiet and contemplative enough to be touched by the Spirit, unencumbered by intellectual "filters" or wordy "barriers?" When we have walked unhurriedly in creation, visited a gallery(Art in the Park?), or let the harmonic chords of the Creative Spirit imprint on us the divine? When we have been balanced and centered enough in our own lives to consider the lilies of the field or the sparrow-and the deeper truth to which they point? And how might this bring enriched colors and texture to the austere canvas? Has God not come that we might have life? As a rainbow?


"Lynn brought in a copy of your recent release, "Follow Him."...Great CD!...I'm playing it right now , for the third time, as I work. Nice job!"

Local Advertising agent

"David! Thank you so much for the CD. The fact that it is a personal witness of your spirituality coupled with your creative talents makes it something special. I also have to tell you that I took it home last night and listened to most of it before going to sleep and woke up again this morning and re-listened to the whole thing. I was particularly blessed by a couple of the songs, and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing nature of the entire compilation. Thanks once again."

Music Lover

David, your music always touches me deeply--It's so wonderful to see how God is leading you step by step.

CD Baby Review

What an inspiration! The stresses of the day left me as I was soothed by the messages of this music. How many of us long to have the Rain of God's love come into our hearts? In the song, "Give it to Him" the message is clear,--the lyrics---so profound! Too often, I do not give my troubles to the Lord. I give Him lip service when he wants my full trust. Behold, I Stand...God does come knocking, if we would only answer. "On the Sea" tells the story of someone in the storm of life who is rescued by God's grace and love. This is definitely a must have album. The instrumentals are creative and very reflective. The vocals cut to the heart. Thank you, David!