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What has it taken to create our latest CD?



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For almost two years, David has been working on a new album.  He felt impressed to reach out to everyday people to draw them to a quieter sphere in life.  Away from Rush Hour is a result of that driving desire to create a musical experience that would do just that. Micah and Joel contributed a little spice to make this adventure extra special.  Those who know of this project ask with anticipation, “Is it done yet?”

Some of you may not know what it takes to create an album.  It is much more than walking into David's studio and, BOOM, laying it down.  Away from Rush Hour is a labor of LOVE.  It took Heaven's gift to begin with in composing, in playing, and in recording.

In Micah's case, it  took the gift of artistically photographing images to portray the moods of each piece.  For him, it was also waiting for that perfect moment in time as he worked against weather conditions.  Musically,  he was working with an antique violin bow's fragile horse hairs as they crossed strings for which the bow was not intended.

Compositionally, David had to look deep within himself to his creative core on one occasion and then, on the next, he had to take what spontaneously came to him in a moment of inspiration.  Sometimes, I had to pull him away from his studio for nourishment or sleep to become the priority.  Having to work at his day jobs and still have the energy to record was a real issue.   When fatigue was overwhelming, he had to put the album off until he felt ready. 

In Joel's case, LOVE took him on a detour as his head was "in the clouds."  Then, we simply had to pray that he would lay down a track...

Did you know that weather played a huge part in the way audio waves moved and musical instruments behaved?  It's true.  One day, the barometric pressure and humidity would be high, and the next, low, so much so that recording sessions at 3,150 feet were hampered and not possible.  The conditions had to match the previous session in order to complete a piece. 

Then, there was  David's perfection in placing microphones and the performers in the best positions.  Years of working with audio enriched David's gift.  The music had to flow perfectly through the mics.  In addition, he had to hear the harmonies, and layer tracks.  Also, he had to work with his audio workstation and various programs until he liked what he mixed down.  Yes, Away from Rush Hour has required endurance.

Have patience, dear friends, as we prepare for our faith-driven replication.  The CD booklet has 24 pages of amazing photographs to interpret the music.   We are almost there!

We trust that God will supply us with the funds needed to replicate Away from Rush Hour.

Looking forward to sharing our music!

 Lynn, David, Joel, and Micah Shearer