David Shearer Music


The Needs of Our Neighbors

November 20, 2013

We are enjoying the first snowfalls of the season.  As we enjoy this, there are some who are cold and hungry.  Be preparing  to share food and warm clothes with those in need.  Locals, here, can be stocking up food items to share with the food bank.  Entrance to our upcoming concert will be canned food items, warm gloves, and a $5.00 contribution per person to aid the Food Bank in purchasing other needed items.  The concert will be held at the Cashmere Riverside Center on Friday, December 13, 2013 at 7:30.  So, mark your calenders!

October 28, 2013:  Thank you for all of the kind birthday wishes!

"The crisp evening wind and the golden leaves swirling through the air tell us that fall is here.  The inspiration that comes from this...I just have to sit down and pull out my guitar  My fingers move along the fret board.  A new song is born.    Stay tuned for a Thanksgiving treat!"


 We are planning a community food bank benefit.  Stay tuned for the date and time.  We are asking everyone who comes to bring two canned food items and $5.00 which will be used to purchase other needed food items.

It is going to be a cold winter and those who are in need will be blessed with some warm food in their tummies.  So come with hearts that will bless those  who are less fortunate!