David Shearer Music


Shooting Photos for CD Insert

We were out shooting for the new album's CD insert.  What a gorgeous fall day!  The air was crispy, and the cold breeze let us know that we were definitely alive.  All around the leaves were falling.  Above us, Mount David was scalloped by its first snows.  As we were carrying our six-string dulcimer, Indian flute, and guitar,  three men came upon us.  One inquired, " I just have to ask. What are you doing, anyway?"   We told them about our album.  They begged for an demo, and David obliged.  "Wow," they exclaimed.  "That was great. We will just have to buy it. The music makes us unwind. This is just what we needed." The men told us that they were from different walks of life and were attending a family life retreat.  They spoke of concern for their children's lives in a crazy world.  They knew that they needed to help their families make sense of life.   They took David's business card and told us that they would have special prayer for us at the campfire that afternoon.  What affirmation from God that we need to be doing this project.  What a delight to give them a feeling of peace through music!