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"Feed the Hungry" Benefit Concert

December 10, 2013:  Our "Feed the Hungry" benefit concert is this Friday at the Cashmere Riverside Center at 7:30 pm.  Already, canned food items and gifts for children who may not have a Christmas are coming in!  Thank you to everyone who is participating in this event.  Remember to bring two canned food items and $5.00 to donate to the Cashmere Food Bank.  Those who would like to share a gift for children from ages 0-16 will be able to place their gifts at the the base of the Kiwanis Christmas tree.  Pam, the head of the local food bank, will be sharing with our audience what the great needs of our food bank are. 

I can already hear the joyous laughter of children as their hungry little tummies are filled this Christmas!  Can you hear their laughter, too?