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A Good Share of TIme


Welcome to the official website of davidshearermusic.com!  Blessings to you as we come to a very special time of year.

Check our events calendar.  We are having a local musicians concert December 23rd, 2017.  We hope to see you there. We will be sharing God's love in song and the spoken word.

November 10, 2017: We will be singing again at the Journey to Bethlehem on Friday, December 1, 2017 for two sessions: both at 6:30 and & 7:30 PM. Each session will be for a half an hour. We look forward to seeing you! Bring a friend and experience what it was like the night that Jesus was born. For more information, go to the link: http://j2bwenatchee.com


 The events of each day bring inspiration for new songs, songs about life, aging, the loss of loved ones, and especially about hope. We are inspired to dig deep within. 2016 was a year of sorrow and deep contemplation. When those you love suffer from cancer, loss of memory, and the hard knocks of life, one has to ask the question, "What am I doing that makes life truly meaningful?"  Also whispered, "Do I share purpose and love?" The pallet is full of colorful notes, stay tuned!


Hope for the world?  Yes, you will find it in a living Saviour!  This season, we are going to be sharing music that uplifts the soul and points us to a Heavenly Father who loves us and gave us that love in Jesus.  We will be singing and sharing at Journey to Bethlehem  on December 2, 2016 at 6:15 and 7:15.  We hope to see you there!  Go to

http://www.j2bwenatchee.org/ to find out more.


December 29, 2015:  With all the turmoil in the world, music, good music, has a special place.  It is therapy for the soul.  I was overjoyed to share some of our music at several mini concerts in the valley.  It was a blessing for me to see eyes light up and faces begin to shine with hope.  If you have an opportunity to share some love this season, please do so.  Christmas is really about love, not things.  People need to know that they are worthwhile.  So,  be a blessing, and receive a blessing!

We have been bombarded by snow, so off we go....

December 1, 2015:  We will be sharing our music at the local Journey to Bethlehem on Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 5:45 PM and again on Saturday at 5:00 PM.  Each time is a 30 minute slot.  We hope to see you there!  Directions are in our Calendar of Events.

November 19, 2015:  Having lost my dad in August and nearly lost my mom this week,  I am hoping that all of you are caring about your parents in very real ways.  This Thanksgiving, take time to tell your mom and dad or other loved ones that you care. Let them know how grateful you are for all that they did for you.  I am working on a new piece that I am dedicating to the memory of my dad.  He was a man that suffered from a heart defect.  He did not let that keep him from striving to support his family.  He did not always make the best choices in life, partly due to a lack of oxygen nourishing his brain, but I know that he loved his family  He did his best.  Please, do not ignore your loved ones.  Life is too short for


The Lents Blessing


September 23, 2015: We participated in a great health education program for the community of Lents. Over 60 people of all ages came for free blood tests, dental work, cardiac stamina tests, physician guidance, cooking demonstrations, and good music. What a refreshing feeling inside my heart! Just to see the contentment on the faces of those who came--there is nothing more satisfying!



We will be performing in Portland...


September 1, 2015: We will be sharing our music at the Health Expo, Lents SDA Church, Sunday, September 20, 2015 all day. Our CD, "Away from Rush Hour," will be available for purchase, too! To get directions to the church, click on our concert schedule  We look forward to seeing you there. Good music is therapy for the soul!


Treasure the Lives around You!



 August 12, 2015: Treasure the lives around you! One day, you will wake up to find that someone is gone! Love is the key to a blessed life. My father passed away this past Sunday evening. We will hold on to memories until Heaven. Not long before he died, my wife and I played and sang to him. I will hold onto the contentment on his face.



Hope for you!


We have been sharing at a number of churches over the past three months.  So many are in need of assurance that there is hope for their lives.  As listeners open up and share, it is a joy to tell them that our Heavenly Father cares.  How do we know?  It is the reality of answered prayers in our lives, and it is the peace that He gives when we are troubled.  Read your Bibles and claim its promises.  There is hope for you! 



Holidays 2015


With the holidays upon us, let us not neglect those who are in need.  Our Heavenly Father has placed us on this earth to care for one another.  So, this season, pray that your eyes will be opened to the needs of others. Merry Christmas!

November 10, 2014: Do you ever feel that our Heavenly Father wanted you to be in a certain place for a reason? That is how we felt about our concert in Portland. We had so many obstacles getting in the way to even going. In the previous few weeks, our truck had broken down so many times that it seemed almost impossible that we would be able to go. But, as with all divine intervention, we had people help us to resolve our truck issues without taking it to FORD. One individual even came up to our mountain to to do a repair. It was amazing! We made it to the concert without a breakdown, and we made it home. What made the concert special was those in attendance. So many said that a certain song met them where they were at that moment in life. Praise God! We will come to Lents again in the spring, so till next time, we will continue to pray for the needs of those that shared with us! Thank you for the wonderful hospitality!


As we work on new compositions, we are creating a video of our some of our latest music, so stay tuned!




Lents Concert


Come join us for a mind reset with refreshing, thought-provoking music on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at 4:00 PM in Portland, Oregon. See our calender for details.  We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones! 


Our Pybus COncert




October 24, 2014: Our Pybus Market concert has come to a close.  As I was sharing some new music, it was inspiring to see those that had begun to walk by, paused to listen, and then, sat down. My prayer is that the needs of theirs hearts were met as they heard the message in song!  We look forward to future visits!  Thank you, Steve Robinson and Darren Reynolds for asking us to share.




Music on the Waterfront: Pybus Market


  We have a wonderful collection of acoustic and vocal music that we will be sharing at the PYBUS Market, Friday evening, on the waterfront in Wenatchee, so come and enjoy from 6:00 to 8:00 PM on October 24th, 2014. If your week has been stressful, this concert will help you to unwind! Check our events calender for directions and details!  This is a part of the summer/fall concert series.  We hope to see you there!


The season's fires


The fires have come and gone.  Despite four fires that were coming our way, we were blessed by the rains and the hard work of firefighters in the area.  Thank you, all , for your prayers!


That not so old Ford!



Hey every one, I turned on the ignition and the engine light/battery light came on.  The engine smells hot.  I just had the serpentine belt replaced last week.  We were given a clean bill of health by FORD, so...?  We are having to CANCEL our concert in Pateros.  FORD cannot get us in till Monday.  Be praying that all this works out.   SO sorry!  The blessing is that we were not in the middle of the desert when this happened.  Till next year, Pateros!



Caring for our neighbors beset by losses from the fires...


After the horrific fires that we have had for the past two months, the monsoonal-like rains have been a blessing!  It is a wonderful to see how the fire victims are being so lovingly cared for by everyone!  The town of Pateros has been especially hard-hit.  As we plan for this concert, we will be considering a way to have this concert aid the fire victims, as well. So please come and bring a planned gift for the town's victims.  They are in need of funds to help the victims rebuild their lives. - 


Sharing in Leavenworth


My wife and I were blessed as we shared at the Leavenworth Church.  The congregation there is warm and inviting.  When ever we are able to share in song and word, our hearts are swelled to overflowing.  It was a blessing when our friend, Mark Trethewey walked through the door.  We had a great, but short time visiting.  We will plan for another time to finger-pick and sing the day away!



Thank you, Valley View!


 We had such an enriching time sharing. Thank you to all of you who came to our concert! Each time that we share through song and word, we know God is moving our hearts to minister to souls. My son, Micah, tantalized us with his piano pieces. My wife and I sang as we shared from our hearts. The notes resounding from the dulcimer and Native American flute echoed through the rafters. We even pulled out some music from my younger days as a composer. I loved sharing the alternate tunings that somehow add a richer tone to music coming forth from the guitar.


Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day to all the loving, self-sacrificing mothers.  May God richly bless you!


Lighthouse Ministries


April 26, 2014:  Today, Lighthouse Ministries has asked me to sing during the dinner hour at 5:00 pm.  Lighthouse meets the very real needs of the homeless, hungry, and searching people who live in our community.  Please be praying that the words and music I share will reach their hearts.  For more information, look on the right hand column of this web page and click on the "Next Concert" button.  


The Victims of Oso and Flight 730


Our love and prayers go out to the victims of Oso, Washington's landslide and to the victims of the Malaysian flight 730.  Live everyday to its fullest and fill it with love for your family, friends, and neighbors!   Life has a way of changing dramatically.  The older my wife and I grow, the more we realize that we want no anger, strife, or feuds separating us from those we love.  Don't you feel the same way?


A Snowshoe Trek!




February 22, 2014


When a severe drought was in the making, snow finally descended upon our little mountainside.  Since my son, Micah, took this photograph, three more feet of snow have fallen. This was a direct answer to prayer.  Now, getting to a concert is a bit of an excursion, but the trek is worth it all!



Considering What We Can All Do Better in Life


January 2014:  This is the month when we all consider what we could be doing better in our lives.  We all can agree that we live in a busy world where we need make a determined effort to change how we relate to one another and how we can make a positive impact on the world.  Of our own strength these changes are difficult to make, but through the power of God, we can succeed.  SO, my prayer is that we will draw closer to our Heavenly Father this year and become a picture of LOVE.  - See more at: http://www.davidshearermusic.com/home#sthash.BOV7AS9a.dpuf




December 24, 2013:  We wish you hope for the future and love and peace in everything you do!  May our heavenly Father fill you to overflowing with His spirit.  We believe that the greatest joy in life comes from helping others, so we admonish you to find someone with a need that you can fill this Christmas!


What a Blessing!


December 15, 2013:  It is hard to believe, but our "Feed the Hungry" concert is over.  We had an enriching time sharing music and increasing public awareness about the number of families and individuals with serious needs in our community.  Did you know that the food bank served 900 individuals in our community this past Thanksgiving holiday?  The food bank is searching for a new home that will provide a warm place to stay for displaced individuals and families.  If you would like to help, email us at davidshearermusic.com and we will give you the contact information.  We want to thank everyone who shared from their hearts.  Pam McNulty, the food bank coordinator was on hand to collect both food and funds.  Thank you, Pam!  So many will not go hungry this winter!  We also want to thank all of our friends who participated in this outreach. 

My family and I always feel so much better when we can help someone else.  Don't you?  We will plan to do this on a regular basis.  Especially, we wish to recognize John Bryant for sponsoring this concert! Thank you, John!



"Feed the Hungry" Benefit Concert


December 10, 2013:  Our "Feed the Hungry" benefit concert is this Friday at the Cashmere Riverside Center at 7:30 pm.  Already, canned food items and gifts for children who may not have a Christmas are coming in!  Thank you to everyone who is participating in this event.  Remember to bring two canned food items and $5.00 to donate to the Cashmere Food Bank.  Those who would like to share a gift for children from ages 0-16 will be able to place their gifts at the the base of the Kiwanis Christmas tree.  Pam, the head of the local food bank, will be sharing with our audience what the great needs of our food bank are. 

I can already hear the joyous laughter of children as their hungry little tummies are filled this Christmas!  Can you hear their laughter, too?


Thanksgiving Wish


November 28, 2013:  Wishing you a Thanksgiving with memories of all the ways in which God has blessed you in the past year.  Please share those blessings with the less fortunate.  We are the hands and feet of Jesus!

Don't forget to mark December 13th on your calender.  It is our "Feed the Hungry" concert!  Details below:


The Needs of Our Neighbors


November 20, 2013

We are enjoying the first snowfalls of the season.  As we enjoy this, there are some who are cold and hungry.  Be preparing  to share food and warm clothes with those in need.  Locals, here, can be stocking up food items to share with the food bank.  Entrance to our upcoming concert will be canned food items, warm gloves, and a $5.00 contribution per person to aid the Food Bank in purchasing other needed items.  The concert will be held at the Cashmere Riverside Center on Friday, December 13, 2013 at 7:30.  So, mark your calenders!

October 28, 2013:  Thank you for all of the kind birthday wishes!

"The crisp evening wind and the golden leaves swirling through the air tell us that fall is here.  The inspiration that comes from this...I just have to sit down and pull out my guitar  My fingers move along the fret board.  A new song is born.    Stay tuned for a Thanksgiving treat!"


 We are planning a community food bank benefit.  Stay tuned for the date and time.  We are asking everyone who comes to bring two canned food items and $5.00 which will be used to purchase other needed food items.

It is going to be a cold winter and those who are in need will be blessed with some warm food in their tummies.  So come with hearts that will bless those  who are less fortunate!


The Hawk Fest



We had a wonderful time providing music for the Audubon's 4th annual Chelan Ridge Hawk Migration Festival in Pateros, Washington on September 14th, 2013.  Over 700 bird lovers showed up.  We provided "Music to Watch Birds by."  It was great acoustic music!  Those who could not come missed out.  David sang some thought -provoking vocals.  So many told us how much they appreciated the music.  We were glowing with that deep satisfaction  that only comes when people let you know that they were blessed. We have been asked to come share again next year!  So plan for it.  The hike to see the raptors on Chelan Ridge was a blast!  Our sons took some great photos.  Stay tuned for a few pictures.

You are warmly invited to view a few photographs that our son, Micah, took when we provided music at the Chelan Ridge Hawk Migration Festival in Pateros, Washington a few weeks ago.  We hope that you will come to participate in this event next year!  Enjoy!  https://www.facebook.com/davidshearermusic

We are starting to put together our fall concert programs.  If you would like us to share at your local church, restaurant, music pavilion, or celebration, let us know at david@davidshearermusic.com.



Come to Pateros on September 14, 2013


What a special day it will be!  To see raptors in flight!  To hear David and Micah play music from their hearts.  Check out our calender for the details!


To Mothers Everywhere


5/12/2013 Today is a very special day for all of the mothers that have done such amazing jobs nurturing and loving their families.  Thank you for all of your unconditional love and watch care!



Inspiration from Nature's Concertmasters!


5/6/2012  Today, the wrens are singing so beautifully from our roof top where they have, one again, built their nest.  I look forward to their return every year.  Their music is beyond compare.  I marvel at how such sweet melodies can come from such a tiny creature.   We shall make amazing music together this season!


Boston's and America's Loss


Our thoughts and prayers go out for those who lost loved ones in the Boston Massacre.  May we all learn to love others and cease these thoughtless deeds of hate.


Music with a Message


This Sunday evening, I sang for a small gathering.  It is amazing how blessed I feel when music has a message.  I long to make the world a better place and offer hope to the hopeless through this avenue.  There is no greater sense of worth than to know that I have reached others with this promise. 


Today, we released our trailer for Away from Rush Hour!


Check out our trailer for Away from Rush Hour on our home page.  Share it with friends. "Like" it on our facebook.  We are hoping to get this peaceable music out to the masses.


David and family


Thanks to those who have written in to let us know how much they love the album!


It has meant so much to hear how those of your who have bought the album mp3. really appreciate the album.  We are so glad that it is working as we had hoped!  We look forward to sharing some new music soon.


Right now, we are surrounded with a few feet of snow and feeling in the mood to create more good music!




As with the seasons, everything in life has its appointed time.  Not too long from now, we will be sharing more of our new music.  So, stay tuned! 


There is something that happens...


Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to sing again.  There is something that happens when I share a song.  I feel every part of my being engage to bring the words to the listener.   What a joy when afterwards, those listeners say that they were blessed!  Thank you, Father, for the words and voice to let others know of your love.


An old Norwegian Folk Melody & Essence of Forest Fire


I was asked to sing for a group of 100+ the other day.  I chose an old Norwegian folk melody, "Behold They Stand." What a joy to share!  This old melody has such imagery.  The range of notes makes me feel like I am soaring on the wings of eagles to a place I dream of being. 

As we prepare to replicate "Away from Rush Hour,"  We are working on our next album, a vocal.  So many are anxious for "Away from Rush Hour to be out.  "It's coming down the pike."  As the leaves of autumn...


In the meantime, it might be scented with "Essence of Forest Fire Smoke."   At least we are breathing a little better up here on our mountain, today, than down in the canyon. 



Smoke in the Air!


Our mountains have been engulfed in smoke this past week.  Beginning Saturday night, over 100 fires were started by an intense sky to ground lightning storm.  Sadly, the land here is parched with no rain to fall for another week or so.  Be praying that firefighters are able to save lives and homes. 


Success on Internet Radio


We are excited by the response that our single release, "Sheer Bliss," has had on internet radio.  We are receiving fans from around the world.  Thank you for the vote of support.


Our 33rd Anniversary


Today, Lynn and I celebrate our 33rd anniversary.  I wrote an instrumental piece for Lynn in honor of our love.  It is on our soon-to-be released album, Away from Rush Hour..  The title is Lynn's Song.  It is full of emotion and expresses the way our love has grown deeper through the years.  I hope that those who order Away from Rush Hour will be able to sense that love and, through Christ, find that same quality of love in their lives.


It's Amazing!


We are so grateful for the response to our single release, "Sheer Bliss'" from Away from Rush Hour.  We know that you will be excited when we release the full album!    Surprises will be around the corner!  Stay tuned...


Single from Away from Rush Hour.


Tomorrow is the long- anticipated release of our first single for the soon-to-be released album, Away from Rush Hour. I wonder which piece it will be?  We can hardly wait!


The Mastering is Complete!


June 9, 2012: The mastering is complete! What did Rick McMillen think of Away from Rush Hour?  He said,"It is a work of art. The music is beautiful. I don't get the privilege of mastering this quality of music very often.  David, you are a fabulous musician, composer and audio engineer. This music will help make the world a better place. I'm not just saying this.  I am saying it because it's true."  For those of you who don't know, Rick has mastered music for Kenny G, Michael Harrison, and other well known musicians.  What is mastering?  It is a process of making sure that the album will play well on any kind of audio equipment, both on a car stereo or on a world class sound system.  It is always good to have a second gifted ear listen to what you have worked on so arduously.  Rick loved what he heard.

The countdown for our mystery single from Away from Rush Hour began on June 9, 2012: 5,4,3....


We will be taking a trip next week...I wonder what this could be for?

Join the Conversation----Does music affect community?


Has anyone ever told you that music was not important to community?  We believe that music is a vital part of community, and it helps to build community!  Click on our blog link to give your input.


Cherish Those You Love


We are on this earth for a short time, so it is with that in mind that we encourage you to let those you love know how much you care.  During my mother's prolonged illness and ultimate death, Anne Davis took time to  be "a mom" to me and to my family.  Before David and I married, Anne took the time to get to know my husband-to-be before she gave her "blessing."   I was so thankful to know that she saw David's wonderful qualities.   Anne said that David was the "lid to my pot."  He was just that.  So many times through the years, Anne filled the role of mom to me.

This month, Anne passed away.  David and I wish to express our sorrow over her death.  She was one of the most beautiful women that we have ever know.  She was a sweet picture of Jesus.  Our prayer is that God will comfort her family at this time.  May they look to the promise of Heaven.




We are anticipating the replication of this album as much as your are!  Be praying that potential donors help us out.  In the meantime, winter has hit us hard.  We have another foot of snow here on our mountain.  We actually thought that spring was nearly here.  Our road was starting to melt a bit, and we dreamed of no longer putting chains on all fours to get up or down our mountain.  C'est la vie.  This weekend, we'll take a snowshoe walk...Maybe we'll be inspired with another song!


Ready to Replicate


The CD booklet is finished, and the  copyrights are completed.  We are ready to replicate just as soon as the funds are in!


The Simple Gifts


As I sat in church yesterday, I was blessed by the gifts of music and eyesight.  Boni signed the words to "Oh, Holy Night,"  so those who were deaf could understand the amazing message found in the lyrics.  Her visual image was a painting in itself.  What would it be like to be deaf and miss out on the voice of the violin, the singer, the birds, even the sound of waves crashing upon the shoreline?  I could only try to imagine a silent world.  What of Helen Keller, who could neither hear nor see?  The simple gifts are the ones that we so often forget to acknowledge.  Thank you, God, this Christmas, for the simple, yet amazing gifts You give us everyday!


The wonder of it all...



Today, we woke up to the quiet serenity of nature wrapped in hoary frost.  The sun broke through the dense fog giving all that was touched by Heaven's light the  look of gold lace.  I thought of contentment and joy all in one.  Take a walk outside and be revitalized!

Tonight, David will be busy publishing a teaser of Away from Rush Hour.... a bit to wet the appetite and have you anxiously awaiting the album's release.  A pre-order button will be in place.  It's easy enough to push that button and assure yourself of a copy!  Go ahead, now!



What has it taken to create our latest CD?




David email

For almost two years, David has been working on a new album.  He felt impressed to reach out to everyday people to draw them to a quieter sphere in life.  Away from Rush Hour is a result of that driving desire to create a musical experience that would do just that. Micah and Joel contributed a little spice to make this adventure extra special.  Those who know of this project ask with anticipation, “Is it done yet?”

Some of you may not know what it takes to create an album.  It is much more than walking into David's studio and, BOOM, laying it down.  Away from Rush Hour is a labor of LOVE.  It took Heaven's gift to begin with in composing, in playing, and in recording.

In Micah's case, it  took the gift of artistically photographing images to portray the moods of each piece.  For him, it was also waiting for that perfect moment in time as he worked against weather conditions.  Musically,  he was working with an antique violin bow's fragile horse hairs as they crossed strings for which the bow was not intended.

Compositionally, David had to look deep within himself to his creative core on one occasion and then, on the next, he had to take what spontaneously came to him in a moment of inspiration.  Sometimes, I had to pull him away from his studio for nourishment or sleep to become the priority.  Having to work at his day jobs and still have the energy to record was a real issue.   When fatigue was overwhelming, he had to put the album off until he felt ready. 

In Joel's case, LOVE took him on a detour as his head was "in the clouds."  Then, we simply had to pray that he would lay down a track...

Did you know that weather played a huge part in the way audio waves moved and musical instruments behaved?  It's true.  One day, the barometric pressure and humidity would be high, and the next, low, so much so that recording sessions at 3,150 feet were hampered and not possible.  The conditions had to match the previous session in order to complete a piece. 

Then, there was  David's perfection in placing microphones and the performers in the best positions.  Years of working with audio enriched David's gift.  The music had to flow perfectly through the mics.  In addition, he had to hear the harmonies, and layer tracks.  Also, he had to work with his audio workstation and various programs until he liked what he mixed down.  Yes, Away from Rush Hour has required endurance.

Have patience, dear friends, as we prepare for our faith-driven replication.  The CD booklet has 24 pages of amazing photographs to interpret the music.   We are almost there!

We trust that God will supply us with the funds needed to replicate Away from Rush Hour.

Looking forward to sharing our music!

 Lynn, David, Joel, and Micah Shearer


CD Booklet layout nearly done!


We are finishing the layout of the CD booklet, so we are even closer to the finish line.  Thursday night, we were in Leavenworth recruiting donors and sponsors.  Those who listened to the CD teasers really liked what they heard.  If you would like to donate to the replication and promotion costs of this project, scroll down to the bottom of the Homepage, click on the "Donations" button and it will take you to where you may  use Paypal or your credit card to help get this wonderful project out there for all to enjoy.  Thank you for your help!


Shooting Photos for CD Insert


We were out shooting for the new album's CD insert.  What a gorgeous fall day!  The air was crispy, and the cold breeze let us know that we were definitely alive.  All around the leaves were falling.  Above us, Mount David was scalloped by its first snows.  As we were carrying our six-string dulcimer, Indian flute, and guitar,  three men came upon us.  One inquired, " I just have to ask. What are you doing, anyway?"   We told them about our album.  They begged for an demo, and David obliged.  "Wow," they exclaimed.  "That was great. We will just have to buy it. The music makes us unwind. This is just what we needed." The men told us that they were from different walks of life and were attending a family life retreat.  They spoke of concern for their children's lives in a crazy world.  They knew that they needed to help their families make sense of life.   They took David's business card and told us that they would have special prayer for us at the campfire that afternoon.  What affirmation from God that we need to be doing this project.  What a delight to give them a feeling of peace through music! 


Joel and Raena Marry



We are overjoyed to have a new daughter, Raena. God has blessed Joel with a wonderful wife!


Ready to Master!


Hey everyone, we are almost there.  Now to finish the CD card layout.  Snagging Joel for the photo shoot is like trying to catch the wind!  He and Raena are getting married, so with all the wedding planning, etc, Joel is almost unavailable.  But, regardless, the album should be out by the end of October.  We will just have to catch him at the wedding, if nowhere else.

Our vocal album will be hot on the heals of this release, so stay tuned!  Thank you for all the patience and support that we are receiving for this venture.

David, Lynn, Joel, Abram, and Micah




WOW!  We are just about finished.  With all sorts of delays, including the latest--my computer power supply burning out my mother board, we are finally seeing the reality of this newest project's completion.  Now the CD jacket and mastering are all that we  have to do.  I know that this instrumental album will be enjoyed for its diversity of imagery.  The beauty of nature portrayed through music and the human spirit as it experiences all of life's moments will meet you in this endeavor.  I thank the Lord for helping us to soar to the finish line.

Look for some singles soon!  DAVID AND FAMILY


To the Finish Line!


WOW!  My sons and I have almost finished our collaboration of musical talents.  Fitting work schedules and young ladies into the picture has been quite the challenge, especially where Joel is concerned.  Alas, we can visualize the finish line.  God is so good!  At every turn, we have met obstacles, but God is stronger than all the trials that come along in life.  We look forward to sharing this latest work with all of you.


album progress


I am currently half-way to the finish line on the first album.  This album is very organic in nature with textures of sound designed to help listeners unwind from their stressful lives.  Just working on these new compositions  has been therapeutic for my entire family.  Sometimes, life is too much in the fast lane.  One of my goals  for 2011 is to make everyday have a few moments of quiet reflection in the  morning and evening on the blessing of our Creator and in those moments to consider how I can best serve our Heavenly Father.

Don't you feel that it is more than time for all of us to focus on what is most important in life?  I do!



Our 30th Anniversary


My wife and I will be celebrating our 30th anniverary. Praise God for His goodness!


A Small Community Outreach for Christ


I sang for a small community outreach this evening. It was amazing to see how small groups can be so caring and connected. I played "Shepherd Boy." God spoke through this piece stressing that God uses each one of us, no matter how small and insignificant we may seem.


Singing engagement on March 27, 2009


I will be singng again for the communion service at the Wenatchee SDA Church. I have prayerfully chosen the song, "Judas and Mary" by Bonnie Letcher Casey. During these trying times, I find the message very fitting. Today, Christ would have us care for those in need as if they were the very body of Christ.


A Deeper Thread in Music


As time progresses, I am convicted that there needs to be a deeper thread of truth in music today. I am speaking of a thread that bonds the singer and listeners more fully to Christ. A wise old man once said, "We are the world's Bible." My prayer is that Christ will be fully reflected in my famliy's music such that a desire for Christ within will pour forth from the soul.--David


Singing Engagement

Saturday, January 24, 2009, I will be singing special music for the church service at the Wenatchee SDA Church in Wenatchee, WA. The church is located on the corner of 5th and Grand Ave. The song will be Arise, my Beloved, a classical piece by John Fischer. The sermon theme will be spiritual romance. See you there!

What David is up to now:


For the past several years, my family and I have been creating our mountain haven. I just finished updating my studio. Now I am working on two CDs. One is a Christmas instrumental. The other is a spiritually encouraging vocal.


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