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Demo - Away from Rush Hour - All Instrumental

David Shearer Music


Away from Rush Hour is a creative work designed to take you away from the troubled pace of today’s world. Accomplished guitarist, composer and recordist, David Shearer, has created an amazing acoustic expression of life in the North Central Cascades.  His sons, Joel and Micah Shearer have added some extra spice to this journey with some of their own compositional flare.  This reflective work of piano, guitar, six-string dulcimer, and modal tunings helps the soul to seek a quiet place and reflect on the good in life. 

Click on the sub-page, Away from Rush Hour, to audition the seven mini-clips of this all instrumental album.  This album is 40 minutes of music that will sooth your soul. To receive a full perspective of Away from Rush Hour, you will need to buy the album.  There are mystery tracks with no musical clues   Enjoy!