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Instrumental Music - Away from Rush Hour - CD Album or Mp3 Album download

Away from Rush Hour is a creative work designed to take you away from the troubled pace of today’s world. Accomplished guitarist, composer and recordist, David Shearer, has created an amazing acoustic expression of life in the North Central Cascades.  His sons, Joel and Micah Shearer have added some extra spice to this journey with some of their own compositional flare.  This reflective work of piano, guitar, six-string dulcimer, Native American flute, and modal tunings helps the soul to seek a quiet place and reflect on the good in life.

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Instrumental Music - Sheer Bliss - Single release - MP3

"Sheer Bliss," our first single release from Away from Rush Hour, is an awe-inspiring acoustic experience that takes you to a state of ecstasy.  The acoustic guitar composition is by David Shearer, the piano, by Joel Shearer.  Father and son have created an instrumental piece that is rare, indeed, in its musical expression.  The piano and guitar sing to one another and join in harmony to a rich crescendo.  Download this as an mp3 file below.


Inspirational Music - Follow Him - CD, or Album as an MP3

"Follow Him" is an organic, acoustic folk album with a contemporary flavor incorporating nature sounds, harmonica, guitar, dulcimer, keyboard, and vocals. David's passion for Christ is evidenced in the soul searching vocals. Time for restful contemplation is offered in the peaceful guitar instrumentals. Hear Christ calling and comforting you as you partake of this refreshing album.

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