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Does Music Help Create Community?

A few weeks ago, we received a letter from a potential donor who did not feel that music was a vital part of what makes up community.  My heart had an irregular beat as I was hit with the devastation of that misconception.  Music is, indeed, a vital part of what makes up community. Music is an avenue for expressing the deepest emotions of the soul. Happiness or sorrow are expressed through music.  Whatever the event, there is usually music to help create the mood for that event.  Music can even be the back drop or the focal point of an event.  Today, music is used as therapy for members of the community to aid in easing pain, lifting states of depression, improving the mental functioning of Alzheimer patients, etc.

Where would the world be without the expression of emotion through music?  How has music helped to create a sense of community in your sphere?



Music is the one medium that is understood across cultural and language barriers. In fact, it really is a universal language. Even if you can't understand the words to a song due to it being in another language, you can still understand the meaning. Instrumental music is truly understood by anyone who listens to it. Music is the very expression of the human soul and as such, is indeed an important part of community. Music brings people together when nothing else will. It's simply a fact. Music is the language of the heart.
Music touches so many people on many levels. David was summoned to play his harp for King Saul until the monarch felt "refreshed" and made "well." Music can reach those that are forgotten in prison or nursing homes bringing them hope and beautiful moments to their life. Yes, music does help create a sense of community in all types of environments.God bless you in your community ministry outreach.

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