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Caring for those around us.


David and I were reading the book of Amos the other day.  Such a small book, but what potent words God offers there.  Did you know that God would rather we do acts of kindness for those that are brought into our lives than give money to Him with only self-glorification intended?  Above all the monies we return to God, He would like us to care for those in need! Then, we are truly a picture of Love.  When we close our eyes to the needs of others and only judge and ridicule, we are not really followers of God, at all.  The older David and I get, the more we realize that our place in this world is to do good and relieve suffering.


Disabilities or Assets


It struck me the other day, that life brings its challenges, but it is how we attack those challenges that determines our life's outcome.  Do we consider the loss of a previous ability to be the death of us, or do we continue to strive to recreate or reinvent ourselves?  By this, I do not mean that we necessarily change who we are inside, but that we seek new avenues to enjoy what we love to do.  I believe that attitude has a lot to do with our well being.

I will have to admit that I went through a period of deep depression when I lost a portion of my finger.  At first, I thought I would never play the guitar again.  But through determination that came from two sources--one was deep inside of me--that burning desire to express myself musically, and, the other, from outside of me.  It was a strength that I believe came from God.

For some time, I was overwhelmed with defeat.  But, it was through monotonous repetition and experimentation that I began to slowly see progress.  The small increments of progress became rewards that pushed me onward.  Today, I can play the guitar better that I did before my accident.

My hope is that anyone experiencing what seems like impossible odds will not accept defeat, but continue to move forward!

Accept the initial defeat as a challenge to continue to move forward. Relish progress, however small, as a call to greater heights!


Does a title make a person or break him?


The other day, I was reminded of how status-oriented our world is.  To be truly great, some think you must have a world record,  a hit song, lots of money, or a pedigree that comes with a monetary value.  What makes a person who they are?  Is a symbol of greatness necessary to make a person valuable?  I think not.  Every person has worth. Do I need to have a number one hit to be valuable.  My wife will tell you, "No!"  Regardless of what someone else may think, Lynn finds me to be her all in all.   When someone tells me that they were blessed by my music, that is all I need to feel I have helped someone.  Today, I was jamming on my guitar, Lynn told me, "I really like that."  Was the piece perfect? No!  It did come from my heart.  I do not need a medal to tell me that someone was blessed.  That is what music is all about--giving auditory fulfillment to others,including myself, and God! 




Today, a fan wrote in to say that she loved our music.  She had one word to describe the piece that she had heard, "Peaceful!" Thank you, Berna, for that encouragement.  In a time where there is too much violence and noise, it wonderful that you experienced, peace when you were listening.  Our desire is to bring moments of peace to this world we live in.


Reaching Out Through Music To Make A Difference


It is with a heavy heart that we look at the atrocities occurring in the world.  We are praying for families who suffered such personal loses in Colorado.  How can we make a difference--a difference that will be for better in this world?  Is there a way to prevent more of these insane attacks.  We believe so.  Love is the core need of every human being.  Are there people in our little sphere of the world that seem to be friendless?  Are there those who appear reclusive?  Can we give them the seed of love that will heal the scars on their hearts?  An act of kindness, a word of hope?  Genuine repeated attempts to break through the barriers that have been built up by repeated rejection?  This week let us all pray that we are connecting with those that are close to us.  Let us show them that we care--that God loves them and we love them.


Composition and Peer Reception


An artist is giving something of himself when he creates a piece of music.  Deep within, he senses the path that a melody must take.  When he shares that melody, he is giving a glimpse of his emotions to the world.  When Rick McMillen told me that he found Away from Rush Hour to be a work of art, and that it would help to change the world, I felt a stirring inside that encouraged me to continue to share the music that is aching to come forth from my inner most soul.  To be able to share in giving peace, love, and joy through music, what satisfaction!  Who can describe it?


Yes, music does affect community!


It was amazing as we had the opportunity to sing a couple of weeks ago for a group of about fifty varying in ages from one to ninety.  Some closed their eyes, and others listened with longing.  Still others had smiles of contentment.  Music can give vision to hopes and dreams. Proof of that is the  realization that more than seven days later, that audience is still expressing gratitude for the music.  Can music be used to have a positive effect on people's lives?  I say, "yes!"


Has music helped someone you know to ease pain, whether emotional or physical?


Through out our musical lives, we have always believed in the power of music  to affect lives, whether for good or not so good.  Music can open the heart to a message of peace, love, joy, or sorrow.  It can also be used to bring the listener to an awareness of the needs of the world, and the personal needs of the listener.  Tell us how music has helped you in your life.

In creating musical compositions, we have always kept this powerful effect of music in mind.  "Away from Rush Hour" is actually a form of music therapy as it takes listeners on a journey.  We are anticipating that we will very soon have mastered this work.  We are going to be asking National Public Radio for the opportunity to share this musical creation with radio listening audiences across the nation.

Stay tuned for a single release from Away from Rush Hour!


Does Music Help Create Community?


A few weeks ago, we received a letter from a potential donor who did not feel that music was a vital part of what makes up community.  My heart had an irregular beat as I was hit with the devastation of that misconception.  Music is, indeed, a vital part of what makes up community. Music is an avenue for expressing the deepest emotions of the soul. Happiness or sorrow are expressed through music.  Whatever the event, there is usually music to help create the mood for that event.  Music can even be the back drop or the focal point of an event.  Today, music is used as therapy for members of the community to aid in easing pain, lifting states of depression, improving the mental functioning of Alzheimer patients, etc.

Where would the world be without the expression of emotion through music?  How has music helped to create a sense of community in your sphere?


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