David Shearer Music

Bio-Joel and Micah

Joel, David's eldest son - pianist, vocalist

Joel Shearer, son of guitarist, David Shearer, has been wooed by the piano since he was a very young boy. His small fingers toyed with the sounds that came forth from his Grandma Vivian's piano.  Recognizing that Joel was actually creating melodious sounds, his parents sought out piano teacher, Paulette Hanchett. Early on, she recognized Joel's ability to take the most basic of melodies and make them fascinating. So, she sought to foster his love of composing. Once, when friends asked him why he was practicing the piano so much, Joel decided to quit playing as it was interfering with his "fun." Paulette suggested that his mom and dad go along with this stage.  "It will only last a little while," she assured. Less than one month later, he resumed playing his beloved keys. Today, his fingers continue to create amazing melodies that take listeners on journeys to far away places. He makes the piano express every emotion of the soul.

Joel's desire is to help those he meets to find purpose and joy in life.

Micah, David's youngest son - Pianist and Duclimerist, Advisor, Encourager

Micah Shearer, David and Lynn’s youngest son, has been living and breathing music since before he was born.  An amazing composer, his piano compositions leave you tantalized.  Watching other accomplished pianists play, Micah said, “I can do that.”  Not too long after his declaration, he demonstrated that music was in his blood.  Highly intellectual, and a bit shy, Micah speaks through his musical creations.  To his family, he is a modern Chopin.  Currently, he is working on his first solo album.  Micah desires to use the proceeds from his music to aid those who are suffering in this world.